Seven Thoughts to Encourage Toddler Moms

As moms, there are times that we may feel discouraged. Here are some encouraging affirmations about parenting and family life. 

On some days, you may feel that some of these aren’t true. However, in my experience working with hundreds of families, I notice that – whether or not they believe it – these are true for all moms.

With each of these thoughts, watch out for specific examples in your day that affirm these statements. If we are conscious about it, I am confident that you’ll see just how true these are in your life.

My family is an energy boost in my life.

When I am worn down, my family lifts me up.  They are always there to support me.  I am so grateful that I have such loving and caring people in my life.

My family brings me countless joys.  A smile from my spouse, a kiss from my child, a hug from my parents – all of these things fill me with love.  I am revitalized after I spend time with my family.

The joys of living are amplified when they are shared with those I love.  I am so excited to disclose my happy thoughts and experiences with them. I enjoy listening to what is going on in their lives.  Sharing our thoughts and feelings makes me feel like I have partners to help me through all of life’s obstacles.

God so thoughtfully gave me a wonderful family to help me through life.  My family gives me the confidence and energy boost I need to approach my life in a positive manner.  Finding joy is so much easier because I have the support of my family.

encouragement for toddler moms

I look forward to spending time with my family and it motivates me to accomplish my tasks and see the beauty in the world.   When worries mount and pressures build, I visualize my family cheering me on, and this helps me get through it.  My family inspires me to be a better person.

My family is an energy boost in my life that I can always rely on.  I am so happy that they walk my life’s journey with me.  With them by my side, I have the confidence to overcome any obstacles on my path.

Action item: As you go through your day, look for and appreciate specific ways that your family brings you joy. They don’t have to be big things. A smile from your toddler – or even your toddler insisting on following you to the bathroom – these are already expressions of love and affection.

child giving mom a kiss

I support my child’s journey. 

Each child is unique and has a special path just for them. It is my duty as a parent to help my child discover this pathway and guide them. 

I know that my children have individual challenges and traits. 

I know who understands my children and wants to see them succeed. I reach out to family and friends for additional support when I need to. 

I am aware that my children’s journeys differ from my own path. I want each of my children to find their joy and success. 

I have a strong relationship with each child that is built on understanding and love. My children know they can depend on me throughout their lives.  

Today, I provide my child with a loving support net. 

Action item: Stop stressing over the million things you think you should be doing to support your child’s journey. The most important thing is the connection with you.

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Taking good care of myself guides me in taking good care of others.

The best way for me to take care of others is to first take care of myself. I believe that my life choices dictate how I treat others. My focus is to enjoy life to the fullest.

I give myself the best opportunities available for a healthy, positive life.

I am aware that getting enough rest is essential. It allows me to be in a good frame of mind and to treat others well. When I am tired, I can get cranky and unfriendly. I prefer to be warm and welcoming to my friends and family.

I take the time to address my own needs. I also realize that others may have the same needs. I am more in tune with how to help my loved ones when I treat myself well. I take the time to listen to my inner voice. Whenever I need a break from work, I apply for vacation days.

self care

I avoid neglecting my own needs and treat myself the way I deserve to be treated. At times, I convince myself that special treatment is overrated. But then I see that others need special treatment from me.

Today, I understand the importance of taking good care of myself so I can take good care of others. I commit to being kind to my mind, body, and soul. I am a sincere, beautiful person capable of helping others.

Action item: Today, take even just fifteen minutes to do something that recharges you.

I expose my family to a variety of experiences.

Sharing new experiences with my family is a source of great joy for me. I enjoy going on adventures and seeing new things with those I love. My family and I participate in a wide range of activities together because I want us to be well rounded.

Our activities include time spent listening to music and active play too. 

The people I hang out with are as different as the flowers in a garden, each beautiful in their own way. I love people from all walks of life and from all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

I can expose my family to a variety of experiences without it being stressful for me. 

Action item: Activities and experiences don’t need to be complicated! The simplest activities can also be the most meaningful. Click here to download my free guide to toddler activities – and have a wide range of experiences with your child even if you are stuck at home.

Happiness reigns in my home.

My home is a happy place. I enjoy coming home to see my family at the end of the day. When I walk through my front door, I feel a palpable sense of peace and love overtake me. There is no place in the world I would rather be than in my happy home.

The soundtrack of my family is filled with laughter and joy. In everything I do, I make it a point to have fun. I turn any situation into a happy situation by shifting my point of view.

family having fun

Sometimes I laugh because things are funny; other times I just laugh at myself. I can laugh at my mistakes because I am defined by much more than my mistakes. I refuse to take life so seriously that my joy disappears. Instead, I look for reasons to smile and celebrate.

Happiness reigns in my home because I am slow to anger and quick to forgive. My children and my spouse are happy because they know I love them unconditionally. Joy rules the atmosphere of my home because love has cast out fear. 

The members in my family are happy because they choose each other over themselves. I model for my spouse and children how to speak to others with kindness and compassion.

Today, I choose to embrace love. I shift my point of view so I can see every member in my family and every situation through eyes of compassion.

Action item: Spend ten minutes just having fun with your toddler. Don’t worry about anything else.

My family can count on me for encouragement.

I speak words of encouragement to my loved ones every chance I get. In a world filled with so much negativity and criticism, it is my responsibility to build up those around me.

Positive words overflow in my speech. I think great thoughts toward my loved ones and I believe that there is greatness within them. I motivate my family members to reach new heights and to try new things.

mom hugging child

Finding something positive to say is easy for me. I look at people with eyes full of grace, which is the way I would like for others to look at me.

I speak sincere words of affirmation to my family because I love them and want to see them achieve their best. My words are like a trampoline on which their dreams bounce off and reach new heights.

Pointing out the negative is worthless; instead, I look for and focus on anything well done. When I speak words of encouragement to my loved ones, they are filled with a desire to perform even better. The more positivity I speak, the more they improve!

My loved ones respect what I have to say because I am sincere. I enjoy motivating people to achieve success in every area of their lives. 

I am like a cheerleader to my family. They can count on me to attend important events and to be part of special moments in their lives.

Whenever my loved ones experience difficulty in their lives, they feel safe coming to me for advice. I am always ready to offer my loving encouragement. 

Today, I choose to speak positively to my family and refrain from criticism by focusing on good things.

Something to think about: Which of my family members needs an encouraging word today?

Quality time with loved ones means creating memorable moments.

There is a direct association between quality time with loved ones and the quality of my life. Spending time with those I love gives me an opportunity to create wonderful memories. I treasure the times we share because they lift my spirit.

My loved ones are sincere and accept me as I am. I feel at ease around my family because I am able to express myself freely and honestly.

When I talk with my siblings about my challenges, they offer both advice and reassurance. Their support pops up in my mind when it is most important to me.

I use the time spent with loved ones to show them how special they are to me. Offering kind gestures and surprises allows me to create memorable moments with them. Seeing the joy on someone’s face puts an instant smile on mine. I yearn for many opportunities to share love and togetherness with the people I adore.

mom and child playing and laughing

Just sitting in silence with a friend or family member generates a feeling of warmth. Those times remain forever etched in my memory because they are so pure.

Today, I seek out each opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones. Being able to share with them gives me wonderful memories that last a lifetime. I am proud to be loved by so many special people in my life.

Action item: Quality time does not have to mean endlessly preparing for activities with your child. The best quality time is spent throughout the day, as you go about your daily routine. For ideas on how to do this, get my free guide to toddler activities.

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