Encouragement for Moms of Picky Eaters

We can all use some inspiration once in a while! If your child is a picky eater, know this: your worth as a mother is not measured by how much food your child eats.

When others pressure mom to make a child eat more, it can actually HURT the child’s ability to develop healthy eating habits. Why? Because it affects mom’s ability to practice RESPONSIVE FEEDING.⁠

Responsive feeding is based on the child’s appetite and hunger cues⁠. It is the best way to encourage healthy eating habits⁠, and lowers risk of obesity later in life⁠. Read this excellent article from the American Academy of Pediatrics on responsive feeding for babies and toddlers.

Feeding is not just about the intake of food. It is a SOCIAL activity. During meal times, your toddler learns:⁠
✔️language skills⁠
✔️social skills⁠
✔️fine motor skills⁠
✔️self-help skills⁠
✔️autonomy ⁠

will interfere with responsive feeding. It will also interfere with learning these important skills. The stress from force-feeding will also turn what should be a happy family activity into a stressful one.⁠ So don’t force your child to eat. If you have any concerns about your child’s growth or weight gain, discuss them with your pediatrician. ⁠

For more ways to develop these skills during mealtimes and throughout the day, get my FREE guide to 45 easy, no-prep toddler activities.

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