Five Positive Parenting Strategies To Deal With A Crying Child On The First Day Of School

On the first day of school, most kids are excited and happy. However, the prospect of being away from home for the first time may be too much for young children and many feel anxious or scared. If your child cries on the first day of school, don’t worry – there are plenty of positive parenting strategies you can use to help them deal with their emotions.

child crying on the first day of school Five Positive Parenting Strategies To Deal With A Crying Child On The First Day Of School

Here are some tips to help your child feel more comfortable on their first day:

Prepare your child.

Talk to your child about what to expect. Describe the school environment and the people they will meet.

If possible, arrange for a visit to the school beforehand. Take them to meet their teachers and other people they’ll encounter in school.

This can help reduce your child’s anxiety and make them feel more prepared for what’s to come.


Go over the route to school and what they need to do when they get there. Role play greeting the teacher or meeting new classmates.

Prepare the things to bring.

Make sure your child has everything they need. Give them a backpack with all the supplies they’ll need for the day.

Give your child a role in this. It will help them to feel involved. Let them help choose their backpack. Make it a part of the routine for them to help you prepare the things to bring.

Be there on time.

Arriving early can help your child feel more relaxed. It’ll give them time to adjust to their new surroundings and get settled in before the school day starts.

Stay positive.

Your attitude towards school will influence your child’s attitude. Be positive and excited about their first day! This will help them feel more positive as well.

Sending your little one off to their first day of school can be emotional for both you and your child. With a few preparations and some positive attitudes from both of you, that first day will go smoothly. And before you know it, they’ll be coming home with stories of all the fun things they did at school today.

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