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It’s our mission to empower you to make the transformation from confused to confident, from stressed to joyful.

Hi! I’m Dr. Victoria

I’m a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, clinical associate professor of pediatrics, early childhood language and literacy badged trainer, and a certified positive discipline parent coach.

Before I became a doctor, I was also a university lecturer in psychology. I love geeking out about how the brain affects behavior (and this comes in really handy in toddler parenting!)

But none of these mean as much as this one – I’m mom to an amazing almost-three-year-old.

I know what it’s like to have a lovingly prepared lunch end up on the floor. I do feel a tinge of worry when I see all those ads telling me that I should be teaching my two-year-old to read.

But if we truly understand child development, we’ll stop stressing about what others call “bad behavior”. We’ll stop pushing our kids to answer worksheets when they’re not ready. We can get off the hamster wheel of constantly searching and preparing for toddler activities.

That’s why I’m doing this. Because developmental science does hold the answers to our toddler parenting problems.

What’s a “developmental and behavioral pediatrician”?

If you’re worried that your child isn’t talking yet, you go to a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, or a “dev peds”.

Tantrums, picky eating, learning problems, or difficulty getting along with others – these are just some of what we deal with in our clinics.

Bringing out the best in kids is our mission. We advocate learning through play. We’re also big on parenting methods that are evidence-based (meaning, there’s actual research showing they work).

You can do this, mommy. You ARE enough.

Ask any parenting question in a mom group, and you’ll get HUNDREDS of answers. Do time outs. Don’t do time outs. You need worksheets. Don’t do worksheets.

What’s a mom to do?!

Fortunately, parenting advice isn’t a popularity contest. You shouldn’t count votes and second guess yourself all the time.

Child development research actually gives us the answers. There is a roadmap to follow that tells us what to do. And this actual, research-proven method isn’t as hard as what everyone on the internet is selling!

So why doesn’t everyone do it? One, scientific research isn’t always understandable. If reading the words “case control study” or “meta analysis” make you want to sleep, I feel you.

Two, simple doesn’t sell. You can’t tell moms, “Just play with your child! No need for a toddler curriculum and worksheets!” – and charge thousands of dollars for it.

So you’re made to believe that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to create the “perfect” environment. You’re frightened into spending thousands of dollars on “educational” materials, worrying that otherwise, your child will be rejected in kindergarten.

That’s where Effective Mommy comes in. I help toddler moms wade through all the conflicting advice on the internet. I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve studied what works and what doesn’t, so that YOU can make your life better and simpler IMMEDIATELY.


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